Our 'Positive' Approach

Ferndale nursery staff are trained in managing risk and will not expose your child to unacceptable dangers, but nor will they create an over protective environment in which your child is denied the richness of life's varied experiences. Our policies, procedures and training are designed to promote a positive approach providing the risk is assessed and controlled. If an accident were to happen, our first aid staff are trained in first aid and accident investigations enable us to learn and improve. We constantly strive to strike a balance between providing a rich learning environment and ensuring the health, safety and welfare of your child. We welcome parents' comments and observations so that we can work together to provide the right balance. Each time your child attends Ferndale you can be assured that we will endeavour to ensure that they have a truly positive experience.

Children with animals in string containers
A child posing with a dinosaur
A Secure Environment

Ofsted refer to this in their publication as being 'Safe and Sound' and that 'outstanding' settings are those in which children learn how to keep themselves safe and have their concerns taken seriously. They are looked after by adults who are suitable, well qualified, and who fully understand their role. They will operate clear child safety procedures and assess and manage risks effectively.

Transitional and Settling In Period

To help your child feel less anxious about being left in the nursery, we will arrange a 'settling-in period' with you a week before your child's actual first day. This could be for a couple of hours, half a day, or a few short visits over a week, depending on the needs of your child. This time is generally spent with the parent and child spending quality time at the setting, meeting the key person and sharing relevant information with them so they can prepare on how to look after your child best. This experience prepares you for the first occasion you leave your child at the nursery, ensuring a less anxious time for you both!

On Arrival

When you drop off your child the nursery team will be ready to meet and greet both of you. Giving reassurance if needed and making sure your child feels secure and safe on your departure.

Child at a board

You will be invited to call us during the day for an update about how your child has settled in.

Going Home

When you collect your child you will be given accurate information on how their day has been.

Mother and Child
Partnership with parent

Throughout your child's time with us, we will document their journey of learning and development in their 'Individual Learning Profile' (ILP). This is unique to them and enables us to discuss our observations with you and offers you the opportunity to give us feedback on how your child is developing at home. Sharing information between home and nursery is useful for parents and staff as it provides a complete picture of your child's learning and helps us to tailor our nursery programme to the best effect. You want the very best for your child and we will work in partnership with you to achieve this. We will talk to you about their experiences and development, and discuss our observations and plans for them, both verbally and in your child's ILP. Not only is this an extremely useful document for the reception teacher when your child moves to school, but is a concise record of your child's progress. Parents are central to their child's well-being and development and, as many activities at nursery will go unseen by you, the ILP offers a wonderful insight into your child's time at nursery, as if you were there yourself!

Children with Additional Needs

Children with additional needs will find themselves a valued member of the community at Ferndale Nursery. They follow the same curriculum, but with all the extra help they need to learn at their own pace. Other children in their group will be encouraged to help but not patronise them, and to be considerate without being over protective. Activities will be structured to allow them to be as fully involved as possible.

Childern playing with soap suds
Experiential learning

At Ferndale Day Nursery, we believe in creating experiential learning opportunities by offering environments and resources that inspire the imagination and natural curiosity of the developing mind. Of course, we support exploration in a controlled and secure way, explaining the dangers of what might happen in certain situations, and gently steering children away from unacceptable risk. We provide safe environments, yet allow them to explore how they use the equipment available to them. In doing so, we build up 'risk literacy', an important aspect of development that encourages our children to learn how to keep themselves safe. Many stages of a child's development introduce them to the 'unknown' as it embraces first experiences. When successfully mastered, it lays down the building blocks of future development: Learning at an early stage what it means to take a risk, perhaps with the occasional bump or scrape, gives the older child the essential courage, judgement skills and skills necessary for future development.

This is only a brief synopsis of the truly positive experience your child can enjoy at Ferndale Road Day Nursery. We would relish the opportunity to provide the very best early years care and education for your child and hope to welcome you to our nursery for a personal introduction.